Incorporate your Students Data Collection into the Standard Course of Study Throughout the Year

This guide is intended to be used as a supplement to your weekly data collection and as a way to engage students with their project throughout the school year. The lesson plans in this curriculum guide have been created by past Project EXPLORE teacher participants and environmental educators. The lessons are correlated to the NC Standard Course of Study for grades K-5. This guide can be used by Project EXPLORE participants, as well as by other educators who are looking for activities to connect to students’ outdoor observations. This curriculum was created over one year by meeting with Project EXPLORE teacher participants and developing and gathering lessons and resources to support your  students Project EXPLORE research  throughout the year. Have a lesson you love? You can submit it to the ever-growing curriculum guide!


The Project EXPLORE Curriculum Guide aids teachers in integrating their students’ data collection and outdoor education into their day by:

1) Providing hands on, interdisciplinary lessons by past Project EXPLORE participants
2) Aligning lessons to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study
3) Updating the lessons annually via teacher submissions
4) Providing opportunities for students to utilize real and relevant data
5) Providing a means for teachers to communicate with one another via a digital forum

This guide, in conjunction with the Project EXPLORE mini-grant, serves to aid teachers in increasing students interest in nature, science and science careers, as well as making science more accessible to all while reinforcing concepts and providing opportunities for children to take part in the scientific method and make positive change.