Benefits of Outdoor Education

Learning outside of the classroom has many benefits to both students and teachers. Taking your students outside weekly to participate in Project EXPLORE will help them to actively learn curricula outdoors and gain many of the benefits mentioned below. 


Improve Academic PERFORMANCE and achievement

Studies have shown that outdoor education can help improve test scores in science and other subjects including math and english, meet the needs of many different types of learners, and reduce ADHD symptoms.


Creatively and confidently conduct your lessons

Teachers utilizing the outdoors for education have increased confidence in teaching the required curriculum, find new ways of connecting the curriculum and have an increased enthusiasm for teaching. 

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provide authentic and meaningful experiences

Students that participate in hands-on, place-based, real-world learning, among many other benefits, have an increased sense of importance, awareness and respect for their community, and affinity for stewardship. 


improve attendance

Outdoor education has been shown to motivate and encourage students to actively and enthusiastically engage in lessons, especially students that are not typically engaged in the indoor classroom setting.


Improve mental and physical health

An overwhelming number of studies have shown many benefits to students health when engaged in outdoor learning. Benefits include increased physical activity, increased happiness, enhanced cognitive abilitives, and stress reduction.


Improve Social Relationships

There are many social benefits to children learning together outdoors. Studies have found that students improve their social skills by learning to manage conflicts, effectively communicate and cooperate with their peers, and work together  in groups.