Project EXPLORE Mini Grant Application

Due Date: August 16, 2019
*Deadline Extended for Haywood County Teachers Only on a first come first serve basis*

“Project EXPLORE: Experiences Promoting Learning Outdoors for Research and Education”, will engage students at their schoolyard in two free, Arboretum educator-led science programs based on current science curriculum standards. Students will be engaged in ongoing data collection at their schoolyard, and will be invited to present their research at The NC Arboretum Mountain Science Expo.

Benefits to Teachers Admitted to Project EXPLORE include:

  • A stipend of $100 toward the cost of materials and equipment for their chosen project;

  • Loan of additional science education equipment for student use; After two years participation teachers will be awarded a set of classroom binoculars or hand lenses and datasheets to keep;

  • A total of two guided lessons at the teacher’s schoolyard led by an Arboretum Educator to aid in facilitation of a citizen science project;

  • A winter check-in visit from an Arboretum staff to go outside and collect data with you and your students to help answer any questions that may arise;

  • Free entry for all students in the teacher’s class(s) for the 2020 Mountain Science Expo;

  • A one-year professional membership to The North Carolina Arboretum; and

  • A certificate after 2 years participating in Project EXPLORE


Teachers will be committing to taking their students outside for at least 15 minutes a week to collect data and reporting data collected back to Citizen Science Project Coordinator. Programs will focus on providing information on the local flora and fauna of our region, understanding of the scientific method, collection of natural science data, and submission of data to professional scientists for review and interpretation.

Who is Eligible?

 - Available for all grade levels, Pre-K through 12th grade.  

 - Classroom teachers and school educators in the Western NC region.

Due Date: August 16, 2019
*Deadline Extended for Haywood County Teachers Only on a first come first serve basis*